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ZRow is pleased to be an official dealer for Accent Wire Ties for the Canadian market. Follow the link to see the full scope of what Accent Wire products are available for your business success.

  • World's largest supplier of baling wire products and equipment

  • The world’s most innovative wire tier installed or retrofitted on two-ram balers.

  • Choose from galvanized or black annealed box wire.

  • Stand wire is engineered for the toughest baling applications. Choose from Galvanized Hi-Tensile™ or Black Annealed stand wire.

  • Baling machines have unique specifications for the bale ties that can be used. Accent Wire Tie manufactures single-loop and double-loop bale ties for easy-to-feed, bend and hand-tie baling applications.

  • Machine grade plastic strapping from Accent Wire Tie is engineered to provide reliable and consistent performance for the toughest baling applications.

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