C&D Sorting equipment manufactured, installed and maintained by Ermeltek Z-Row Recycling Systems

C&D Sorting Equipment

Ermeltek Z-Row Recycling Systems fabricates highly efficient and durable C&D sorting equipment designed for serviceability and safety. C&D Sorting equipment manufactured, installed, and maintained by Ermeltek Z-Row Recycling Systems offer significant advantages over other systems.

Advantages of Ermeltek C&D Sorters

In-feed Conveyor

  • Off-the-shelf Components

  • Roller-Chain Conveyor

  • Bolt-on Steel Z-shaped pan

  • 4” Hardened Rollers & Pins

  • AR400 Hardened Rails

  • Shaft Mounted Drives

 Sorting Conveyor

  • Channel & Formed Steel Frame Construction

  • 3 Ply Belt

  • Abrasion Resistant, Replaceable Slider Bed

Bunkers & Platforms

  • Bunkers are sized to Fit 40 yd Bin

  • 1/4” Checker-plate Deck with Safety Rails

  • Double Side Sorting

  • Large 24” x 48” Chutes

  • Shaft Guards & Belly Plates

C&D Sorting Equipment Options Include:

  • Bunker Door Packages

  • 1/4” Steel Bunker Walls