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MRF Sorting Equipment

Recycling Conveyor Sytems

Ermeltek International Services Inc. fabricates highly efficient, durable MRF sorting equipment designed for serviceability and safety.

MRF Sorting equipment manufactured, installed and maintained by Ermeltek offer significant advantages over other systems.

Advantages of Ermeltek MRF Solutions

In-feed Conveyor
  • Off-the-shelf Components
  • 3” Hardened Rollers & Pins
  • Bolt-on Steel Pans
  • AR400 Steel Rails
  • Shaft Mounted Drives
Sorting Conveyor
  • Channel Iron Construction Frame
  • 2 Ply Belt
  • Abrasion Resistant, Replaceable Slider Bed
MRF recycling conveyors
MRF Bunkers & Platforms
  • 10 guage Bunker Walls
  • 1/4” Checker-plate Deck with Safety Rails
  • Large 18” x 36” Chutes
  • Shaft Guards & Belly Plates
MRF Sorting Options Include:
  • Bunker Door Packages
  • Double-sided Sort Package
  • Ferrous Magnet Separators
  • Eddy Current Separators
  • Optical Sorters
  • Film Plastic Air Extraction
  • Fines, Glass Screening
2 Deck OCC Screen
Conveyor Z-Pan Replacement
OCC Screen Options Include:
  • Single Deck Screen: 3-5 tonne/hr
  • Double Deck Screen: 5-10 tonne/hr
  • 6 Shafts per Deck
  • Easily Removable Hardened Discs
  • Variable Speed

At Ermeltek we have over 20 years of experience helping
organizations with their recycling equipment needs.

Call now and learn more about the Equipment and Services we offer. PH: 604.690.4702

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