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About ErmelTek

At ErmelTek International Solutions Inc. we provide innovative, cost effective solutions for all your recycling needs.

We assist with not only pre-purchase selection of recycling equipment but also with on-going post purchase decisions. Both Pre and Post purchase decisions can be difficult and can have a tremendous impact on the environment and your bottom line.

We provide answers for the following:

  • How do we maximize equipment efficiency?
  • Do we need new equipment or repairs on existing equipment?
  • What recycling equipment is right for our unique requirements?
  • How do I know what the equipment salesperson is offering?

At ErmelTek we have over 20 years of experience helping organizations such as yours.

Most Experienced Baler Repair Company in Western Canada!
Our highly professional staff are specialists in the entire recycling process. We offer unique and un-matched technical expertise to assist you in all aspects of equipment purchases, employee training and maintenance.
Recycling Equipment Training

At ErmelTek International we offer:

  • Years of experience and good relationships with major baler manufacturers
  • Years of experience and good relationships with major sort equipment manufacturers
  • Years of experience in designing MRF’s, Bailing Facilities, C&D Facilities
  • Years of experience in service and rebuilds of recycling equipment

Call now and learn more about the Equipment and Services we offer. PH: 604.690.4702